Youth Board of The Union of NGOs of The Islamic World (Young UNIW), welcomes applications from young Muslims for the “14th International Youth Gathering” under the title of ‘Union for the Peace’ initiated by the Young UNIW and Pakistan Alkhidmat Foundation to be held on 28th September - 02 October , 2018 in Lahore, Pakistan. International Youth Gatherings are held in order to strengthen the consciousness of brotherhood and solidarity among young Muslims, to increase the consciousness of the unity, to form friendships between young ones coming from different countries and to form the consciousness of responsibility about the future of Islamic World. It is tried to make the Islamic World be all together by sharing thoughts about political, educational, religious, economic and social problems. 14th one of International Youth Gatherings under the title of ‘Union for the Peace’ will be initiated by the Young UNIW and Pakistan Alkhidmat Foundation in Lahore, Pakistan. Subtitles are specified as follows: Peace-building: Education and Development, Role and Importance of Youth in Peace-building, Key points of Islamic World: Conflict Regions and Special Session: Kashmir.

Union for the Peace

Today, the Islamic world faces very serious problems. Civil wars, battles, occupations, famine and many other events continue to threaten us. Although all these things are the cause, there is only one solution, the Islamic Union. The Islamic Union, which will be established with 1.2 billion population, technology and values, is strong enough to protect both its own and its constituents. From our aid activities to our educational policies, we should cooperate on issues that will help each other from our life perspectives to our competencies, we have to throw away the bases of the Islamic Union by avoiding parsimonious discourses.

- Peace-building: Education and Development

The environment of peace is provided by the efforts and efforts of virtuous, moral and devoted persons. Those with these qualifications are trained with the right training methods. The point we need to show ourselves as the ultimate goal when putting forward our studies; It is Allah's providence. It does not reach the right result with the wrong way. From childhood to adulthood, from adulthood to old age, we should consider education as our main issue and we must ensure that all our Muslim brothers and sisters learn our basic values without regard to age, ethnicity or gender.

- The Role and Importance of Youth in Peace

Of course peacemaking is a process that requires serious labor and energy. The most important actor of this process is our young people, who are the assurance of Islamic geography today as they were in the past. It will be able to overtake the foundations of the Islamic Union only with a working youth, whose society is dynamically backed up.

- Key points of Islamic World: Conflict Regions

It is a pity that the geographies that are defined as conflict zones on the earth are usually found in the countries of the Islamic World. In order to be able to come up with a solution to these conflicts, it is necessary to first analyze the causes, actors and consequences of the conflict. As Young UNIW, we are trying to serve this area with many different projects since the day we were established, in order to do these analyzes and to produce solutions.

- Special Session: Kashmir

The Kashmir issue, which has been ongoing since 1947, has not been resolved even today. The Kashmir issue, which caused the crisis between the two most important countries in the region, is deeply affecting the people of the region in all areas of life. The Kashmirians, who are Muslims close to the whole of the population, are waiting for days when they will have peace in their regions.