The conference titled ‘The International Conference of Non-governmental Organizations of the Islamic World : Searching for a New Vision in a Changing World’ was organized with the participation of more than three hundred non-governmental organizations from 40 countries, on the date of May 1, 2005 in Istanbul. The establishment of the Union of Non-Governmental Organizations of the Islamic World was agreed upon the Conference. UNIW has completed its foundation process with the Cabinet Decree of Turkish Great National Assembly dated December 31, 2005.


UNIW Council Executive Board composed of 20 members from different countries representatives and have meetings at least 2 times in a year. Until now, the meetings held in Indonesia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Holland, Kuwait, Morocco, Kosovo, Malaysia, Pakistan and Turkey. As of yet UNIW has 302 NGOs members from 61 countries which works in diversified fields.


  • Ensuring sustainable development, consolidation and coordination between non-governmental organizations of the Islamic world.
  • Contributing to establishing just, peaceful and stable environments all around the world.
  • Protecting the individuals’ and societies’ principle rights and freedoms.
  • Performing technical and social studies based on participant and pluralist principles for developing the civil society cooperatively.
  • Performing activities introducing Islamic culture and values.


  • Some of the activities that organized by UNIW from the establishment until now. ~2006
  • General Assembly Meeting of the International Union of Muslim Scholars. ~2007
  • International Mawlid al-Nabi Symposium International Quds Gathering International NGOs Fair International Conference of Islamophobia. ~2008
  • 1st International Youth Gathering International Mawlid al-Nabi Symposium. ~2009
  • International Palestine Symposium 2nd International Youth Gathering Panel about “the Perception of Islam in the International Media”. ~2010
  • The International Conference of Corporate Governance in Islamic World 3rd International Youth Gatherings 4th International Youth Gatherings. ~2011
  • 5th International Youth Gatherings 6th International Youth Gatherings The International Kashmir Conference International Family Conference The International Andalusia Symposium. ~2012
  • 7th International Youth Gatherings 8th International Youth Gatherings. ~2013
  • International Syria Conference 9th International Youth Gatherings 10th International Youth Gatherings. ~2014
  • Yemen Cooperation and Development Conference between NGOs Islamic World Cooperation and Development Conference between NGOs 11th International Youth Gathering. ~2015
  • 2nd International Family Conference 12th International Youth Gathering.