Young UNIW is a sub-foundation of the UNIW, having activities under this name and consisting young volunteers who are between ages of 18-30 and from different education backgrounds and from different occupation areas. There are university students from different departments, the ones from private sector and young academicians among its members. Majority of these members are the ones believing in the “unity” ideal before beginning to activities under Young UNIW and for this purpose they took part in different non-governmental organizations and foundations and in this way they are proficient in nongovernmental culture and its operation. Young Unity gets worried about Islamic World’s problems and it is ready for their remedies anytime and anywhere. For this purpose, young UNIW is a board cooperating with other NGOs operating in Turkey and different regions of the world. Young UNIW believes in that the problems of the Islamic World can be solved only if there is a unity and consultation. Young UNIW is a part of the Unity movement leaded by the UNIW with the projects it manages.


Young UNIW works to establish a communication network among the young of the Islamic World, to exchange the experiences and to solve the problems faced by the young in different Islamic regions.


    The Young UNIW organization of ‘Country Specialty School’ started cooperation with Republic of Turkey Ministry of Youth and Sport. The process of globalization design by states who can easily organize in every condition and succeed to reflect its socio-economic and cultural dynamics through the world. In recent years for Turkey, have the right to comment on about world politics, the most important point is to educate knowledgeable diplomat and expert about world countries especially have the historical ties with Turkey. In this context, there are some activities such as reading groups, seminars, workshops, discussion panels for the development of participants about the certain countries. In this project, there are four study areas; education camps, reading and seminar groups, field studies abroad and publishing reports and articles. In addition, there are some interactive programs carried out by Country Specialty School such as negotiating groups, academic writing techniques, presentation of country, books and reports. During the program, participants can attend field research who regularly join the activities, actively participate the discussion and reading groups. Additionally, before and after going abroad, participant presents a statement about their studying country.


    International Youth Gatherings are held in order to strengthen the consciousness of brotherhood and solidarity among young Muslims, to increase the consciousness of the unity, to form friendships between young ones coming from different countries and to form the consciousness of responsibility about the future of Islamic world. It is tried to make the Islamic world be all together by sharing thoughts about political, educational, religious, economical and social problems. Up to today, there has been 12 International Youth Gatherings organized in Indonesia, Sudan, Morocco, Albania, Cyprus, Malaysia and Turkey along with the first one held in 2008 and over 1000 young people from almost 50 different countries participated in these International Youth Gatherings. Young UNIW that brings young people together, who are impatient for the future to come and always develop themselves, will continue to organize such activities having importance for the Islamic world.


    It was decided to establish the Youth Council of UNIW due to the fact that international coordination is a must, which was the result of common interest in the International Youth Gatherings organized by Youth Board of the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World. Youth Council of UNIW was formed with certain countries and regions in December, 2015 to perform its duties as a result of the confirmation by Secretary General of UNIW and the suggestion made by Youth Board of the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World. Youth Council of UNIW, which will be managed and coordinated in Istanbul, will firstly perform its activities and studies based on decisions made by the president and Board of Directors of Youth Board of the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World. Furthermore, Youth Council of UNIW will continue to lead the NGOs of the Islamic World with the mission of UNIW being an umbrella organization. Within the context of this mission, representatives of 4 countries from 4 different regions were assigned and included in the Youth Council of UNIW in the first stage and then Youth Council of UNIW started performing its activities with totally five representatives with Young UNIW. Aside from international continuous coordination, there will be proper meetings and gatherings and it will be planned to organize effective activities in order to stimulate socially consciousness of ummah. Moreover, within the scope of International Youth Gatherings, it is planned to assign more representatives of countries from different regions for this Youth Council of UNIW.


    To begin with, the academy of Islamic world was established to find a solution for the problems that today’s youth is having in knowing and understanding the past and the present situation of Islamic world. The duration of the academy is about 2 years. In the first year of the academy, it is planned to teach about Islamic movements in different parts of the world, their formations, social, economical and political situations in the Islamic world for the last 150 years. Moreover, in order to comprehend the Islamic movements better, it is aimed to talk about the fundamental Islamic sciences with an expert on the issues within the first year of the academy. In the second year of the academy, it will be focused more specifically on the Islamic movements in the Middle East Region to which Turkey is strongly connected and there will be some projects to understand and evaluate the Islamic movements in a better way. As the academy of Islamic world, we know that we are not the only ones that are responsible for knowing and introducing the Islamic world. It is also planned to perform the same project in Macedonia, Sudan, Malaysia and Germany in coordination with an international partner and asked them to study the Islamic movements in those countries within the second year of the academy. Besides, it is thought to organize camps and meetings twice a year in which people from those countries will come together and share their experiences in order to find solutions for the problems of the Islamic world. It is expected that young people who know the past and present problems of Muslims will share their thoughts and produce new projects at the end of the academy.


    First of all, it is aimed to research countries determined by a committee within the Committee Project of Board of Countries in terms of sources and then try to form an international awareness. Furthermore, it is planned to release reports done based on researches done by Committee of Board of Countries. We try to prepare effective and serious reports that will have an impact on the foreign politics of the Islamic World. Besides, one of the most important duties is to educate authorized experts for every country. We also send those people, who will be educated as experts, to their countries of expertise in order to see the results of our reports. Board of Countries continues to study with 4 fundamental regions in order to research the regions in the world in a better way. These four fundamental regions are Board of Middle East, Board of Africa, Board of Europe and America and Board of Asia-Pacific respectively. Each board is managed by experts. One of the students is assigned to be a coordinator for providing coordination and functionality within the group. Additionally, communication between boards and sustainability of the researches are provided by executive board including general coordinator for Board of Countries and assistants. First of all, we admit university students, who attended to reading studies organized by the academy of the Islamic World and would like to be an expert on one of the regions targeted by Board of Countries, as members of the Committee of Board of Countries. Then, students start studying materials proposed by the group coordinator and advisor. In addition to this, students occasionally are asked to write a chapter that is composing of 800 words and complies with the format determined by Board of Countries about regions they study. Apart from that, they are also asked together with other members of the board to release a report related to regions they are interested in for every 3 months. Released reports and articles are published with its writers on the official website of Board of Countries. It is a must to make analyses related to countries in the world and to use sources correspondingly based on a strategy for registering in the World. The staff of Board of Countries has been studying upon this objective. Moreover, the staff of Board of Countries that organizes professional activities will increasingly continue to gain a corporate identity by taking important and serious actions in the future.


    Young UNIW international student’s chapter is a chapter as a sub-division of Young UNIW and the chapter performs projects and activities related to students coming from abroad to Turkey for education. Through the projects and operations related to international students, Young UNIW international students chapter aims to develop the capacity of youth of Ummah on the basis of academics, knowledge and intellectualism and to provide an effective communication with the international students who came to Turkey for their education. In other words, Young UNIW international student’s chapter tries to help international students develop and prepare themselves for the future to come, to make them know our country in a better way by reaching as many students as possible through the projects, meetings and social activities. Moreover, Young UNIW international student’s chapter, as an umbrella organization, performs projects and activities in coordination with other foundations organizing activities related to international students in Turkey. As one of the projects organized by Young UNIW international student’s chapter, the project so called “Meetings of International Young Academicians” tries to provide a field in which international students from different countries that improved their knowledge about their area of the study and are able to make presentations about their field of study work together with other international students. Furthermore, the presentations that will be made by international students will be published online along with a book. In addition to this, Young UNIW international student’s chapter will try to accomplish the development and socialization of international students through other projects and activities.


    We know that we take a serious responsibility as Young UNIW which has more than 300 members of both foundations and associations from all over the world. Within this responsibility, we visit overseas non-governmental organizations in order to increase the coordination and cooperation with them and share experiences. We conduct programs within academies of non-governmental organizations as an umbrella organization by exchanging information through our members from 60 countries for increasing the effectiveness of non-governmental organizations and keeping the relationships sustainable at a suitable level. Apart from countries such as Sudan, Yemen, Malaysia and Lebanon found in Asian continent, it was tried to determine the problems in place by visiting non-governmental organizations in countries like Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Bulgaria which are found in Europe continent. Some solutions for the problems of non-governmental organizations in becoming professional were found by evaluating the problems at both national and international scale and we put in the plans for both short and long terms.

We feel responsible ourselves for supporting and increasing efficiencies of our religious fellows who expect nothing from others for what they do in different continents, countries with quite different cultures.