Youth Board of The Union of NGOs of The Islamic World (Young UNIW), welcomes applications from young Muslims for the “13th International Youth Gathering” under the title of ‘Sustainable Future for Youth’ initiated by the Young UNIW to be held on 18-24 August, 2016 in Ankara and Konya of Turkey. International Youth Gatherings are held in order to strengthen the consciousness of brotherhood and solidarity among young Muslims, to increase the consciousness of the unity, to form friendships between young ones coming from different countries and to form the consciousness of responsibility about the future of Islamic World. It is tried to make the Islamic World be all together by sharing thoughts about political, educational, religious, economic and social problems. During this gathering under the title of ‘Sustainable Future for Youth’, young attendees from all over the world will receive the chance to discuss the current situation of Muslim youth and sustainability for future. Through this gathering which is the 13th one of International Youth Gatherings, we will organize academic conferences, panels, workshops for serving these purposes. The gathering is open for all interested young people and to apply for, please fill up the application form before 10 July 2016. Only accepted candidates will be contacted and invited for the 13th International Youth Gathering. Deadline for application: 10 July 2016 To apply: Registration