Participation in 14th International Youth Gathering
You are requested to nominate your candidate participants for 14th International Youth Gathering under the title of ‘Union for the Peace’ with consideration to the profile enclosed below. Applicants are required to fill the application form in the link below. Once the application is approved, main application form will be sent for final registration and filling in flight details, etc. There is no limit for number of applicants from any NGO. You can also advise the event to your sister organizations and they can suggest their participants so that their young members increase their experiences and benefit from this important event.

Participant Profile
  • -To be ages between 18-28
  • -To speak English at communication level
  • -Preferably to be at undergraduate, master’s degree or PhD level
  • -To have the best qualifications in representing the country and NGO
  • -To have good social and adaptable personality
  • -To adopt Islamic values and culture in all forms of life

Please be informed that we will provide accommodation free of charge.

- Flight tickets, transport expenses etc. to Turkey will be covered by the participants. From the arrival date (September 28th) to the return date (October 02th), the transportation between hotel and conference salon and urban transportation will be provided by IYG Organization throughout the program.

Participation Fee
- Participation fee is set at $150 per person.

Deadline for application June 30th, 2018

Application form is here: Registration